Judith Ertler-Hofer


Judith, a senior lecturer for Health & Wellness Tourism, Sales, and Networking at universities worldwide, is also an international spa business consultant, based in her home country Austria. 

Judith's professional career in the spa industry began in 2005 after completing her master's degree in 'Health Management in Tourism.' She has since worked for prestigious hotels such as Gran Hotel La Florida (Barcelona, Spain) and The Dolder Grand (Zurich, Switzerland), developing award winning spa concepts from scratch and finding the best approach when it comes to retaining guests, motivating employees, and promoting talent. 

With her extensive experience in hospitality, Judith joined Vinoble Cosmetics (Fresing, Austria) as Head of Sales and Training, where she successfully created and implemented customized spa concepts in leading spas throughout Europe. Building a spa brand was a formative experience that led to another university diploma in distribution management. 

During this time, she transitioned from the cosmetic industry to the packaging industry. As a key account manager for perfumery and cosmetics at Stoelzle Glass Group, she was responsible for the development of glass packaging for famous luxury brands, gaining solid knowledge in all related matters.

With over 20 years of experience, Judith provides a unique perspective on projects from various industries. Wellness hotels, resorts, medical clinics, health insurance providers, and spa brands trust her with strategic and operational business and brand development, guest segmentation, and value her ability to inspire and empower teams and leaders.

Judith is a highly accomplished partner at Ertler Executive Search, leveraging her extensive expertise in the fields of health, beauty, and packaging to provide unparalleled value to her clients. Her valuable network of international contacts allows her to consistently deliver top-tier results in the recruiting industry.