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Every business has a tale to tell. And our story so far has been anything but ordinary! We navigated our share of stumbling blocks along the way (especially in the early days). But when we pulled together as a team, there was always one constant—the drive to perfect our craft and become a recognized name in our field. Even as our company has grown, we've never lost our desire to learn. And there are lessons to be learned with each new challenge.

Asociación Latinoamericana de SPA A.C.

Delegada de Austria


Ambassador for Austria


Thomas Wurzinger proves how Styria and the whole world go together. The 50-year-old was born and raised near Graz and, as the son of a master confectioner, has spent the majority of his career in international luxury hotels. His most important stations include The Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Berlin and Wolfsburg, where he worked as Hotel Manager and General Manager respectively. However, his time at Bangkok-based GOCO Hospitality, a consulting and operating company in the wellness and hospitality sector, and the resulting position as General Manager of the renowned SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain, have also made Wurzinger a true cosmopolitan. And yet: his heart has always beaten for Styria. And that is precisely why he has settled down there with Wurzinger Consulting - bringing his wife Katharina and their children Mathilda and Matheo with him. From his new home, he is still drawn out into the world, or even a little further afield. It always depends on who he is working with at the time.

Zseraldina Richvalszki graduated as an economist specialized in business organization. She is the Founder of Richvalszki Spa Consulting and Spa Academy in Budapest. Her Premium Spa Consultancy is an expert in unique spa service solutions and high-end services. She got a vast knowledge in spa management, has over 30 years of international work experience in Exclusive Hotels and Yachts. Her success is based on strong motivation, exact targeting, mission consciousness, skill of coordination and communication.

It would not meet our high demands to just look for attracting first-rate talents. Ertler Executive Search deliberatively sets new standards in terms of executive recruiting.

Not, because we have brought the search for top employees to perfection, but rather because we think outside the box and do not stick to a CV.

The right communication, a professional way of approaching people, and an efficient evaluation process provide us access to constructive interviews, that in the end deliver the future leaders of your company.

Our goal is not to only satisfy our clients but to excite them. Again and again.