Money Mindset for Spa Professionals

"Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man's world"

Money and finances aren't typically the favorite topics of health professionals in spa industry. Too many negative beliefs imply that money is the opposite of health, happiness and wellbeing. As a matter of fact our money mindset has a tremendous influence on both, our private and our professional lives. 
We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think.
Classical sales trainings continuously fail, because they just focus on the surface but doesn't solve the source of the issue.
 This workshop is dedicated to all the fabulous employees in spa & health tourism and aims to clean up negative, limiting beliefs in order to make plenty of space for positive, abundant ones. 

What if your future thoughts about products or services would sound like: " What problem can I solve for my guest?"

Sounds great? Let's get started!


This program focuses on the most unpopular topic among beauty professionals and therapists: SELLING. It is like a dark cloud covering the blue skies of beauty universe. We address openly pain points and limitations in order to let your business shine even brighter. What if you never ever need to sell a single product or service ever again. And still sales numbers and customer satisfaction rise? Let’s find out!


Have you ever felt unsure about your résumé & letter of motivation? 
How do you feel in job interviews? 
Are you confident when it comes to negotiating your salary? 
 Do you use your body language subconsciously?
Have you optimized your social media accounts to get your dream job?

Your tailor made personal career coaching will not only answer these questions but also brush up first and subsequent impression(s).
Let's work on the ultimate you together.